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Dittmer Ditching installs septic and sewer systems to all state, county and local regulations. From the initial soil test to the final septic installation, Dittmer Ditching is your quality choice for onsite septic needs. Your septic system is one of the single largest investments you will make for your home and the environment. Take care of your system by following our simple septic system do's and don'ts. Combine a service maintenance contract with your new system to ensure proper care and we will even guarantee your new septic system. Yes, that's right, guarantee! Call us for details on our septic system guarantee.

Dittmer Ditching has over 50 years of septic and sewer installation experience. We exclusively install Infiltrator brand graveless chambers. Not only do Infiltrator chambers install faster and last longer, they work more efficiently! For more information on Infiltrator visit the Infiltrator web site. Dittmer Ditching can also install mound systems and other non-conventional septic systems. With all of our experience you will know that your system will be done, and done right, by our licensed and insured top-quality installation team.

Pettis County R12 School septic system

This was designed for 1400 gals a day. It utilizes the existing 6,000 gal septic tank. The system replaces there open discharge wetlands, getting them out from under DNR regulation.

Two 1500 gallon grease traps

6 zones 11 lines each at 215' a line for a total of 14,190ft of drip line

1500 gallon drip pump tank with automatic flush control valve

Two-zone recirculating sand filter with two 1500 gallon tanks, one recirculating tank with 80/20 valve and one pump tank


Header For Low Pressure Pipe Distribution Field

Distribution Lines For Low Pressure Pipe System

Pump vault & alarm system - Replacement of a collapsed steel septic tank with a 1500 gallon
Coon manufactured two-compartment polyethylene septic tank.

Replacement of a collapsed metal tank with a 1500 gallon Coon Polyethylene two compartment tank.

1500 gallon Coon tank lines.

Laterals in adjacent field.


Installing a 500 gallon/day ATU for a bed system.

Hooking up the 500 gallon/day ATU system.

Replacing an existing lateral system with an ATU and bed system because of extremely limited space.

Bed system with filter fabric over gravel.

ATU system in front of a lagoon for a new modular home.

Other Services We Provide

Confined space job - Sealing around pump line for a three-tank step system.

Culvert installation.

Erosion control - road to microwave tower.

Excavation / Footing for retaining walls.

Compacting on top of fire line for hotel

Sewer line for hotel steped down steep hill and angles ajusted
to make it come in square with the hotel

House demolition


The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices is forgotten!

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